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Restoring Nature’s Worth

Leveraging the power of AI, Verdant helps financial institutions and companies to locate and evaluate their nature-related impacts and dependencies, in order to make data-based nature-positive investment decisions.

Our Services

Weaving Technology into the Fabric of Nature

For Asset Managers

Upload your portfolio company reports. Our AI derives all relevant information as well as all publicly available data on those companies and their supply chains. Get GIS-based estimations for nature-related impacts, dependencies, risks, and opportunities in company supply chains. Learn about data gaps and request targeted information from your portfolio companies. Make informed nature-positive investment decisions.

For Companies

Use our GIS service to locate degraded land in your supply chain that can be restored. Make outcome-based investments into biodiversity uplift measures on those areas. Your funds get allocated automatically via smart contracts when biodiversity uplift potential and progress is measured on the ground by landowners and verified by experts. Claim insetting rights compliant with standards like TNFD, CSRD, SBTN, and GIS.

For Land Stewards

Unlock funding to finance nature restoration efforts on degraded land on your property. Use our easy mobile app to assess biodiversity uplift potential and choose measures to take. Get initial funding to start the process and unlock subsequent financing by monitoring uplift progress on the ground using our AI-powered MRV tool. Increase the resilience and productivity of your land, contribute ecosystem services to your community, and join the movement of regenerative farming.

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Nurturing Progress, Cultivating Nature

  • Robust Data Basis 

    We combine the power of Geographic Information System (GIS) data and AI-powered recordings on the ground to ensure credible, transparent biodiversity net-gain from restoration efforts.

  • Outcome-based Investments

    Investment payouts to land stewards are based on measurable nature uplift potential and results as well as localised land stewards’ needs. Our Web3-based technology enables automated, transparent trenching and allocation of insetting finance. 

  • Compliant Reporting

    Our service operates according to reporting standards by TNFD, CSRD, SBTN, ESG, and GIS. Your insetting investments and their positive outcome can be claimed seamlessly as reductions of your business’s environmental footprint in terms of biodiversity net-gain, reforestation, and water contribution. 


Understanding the LEAP Approach

The TNFD (Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures) has introduced an integrated assessment approach called the LEAP approach to help organizations locate, evaluate, assess, and prepare for nature-related issues:

  1. Integrated Approach: LEAP is designed for organizations of all sizes, sectors, and geographies. It’s a comprehensive method to assess nature-related issues.
  2. Based on Existing Frameworks: LEAP builds on established assessment methodologies, ensuring consistency and reliability.
  3. Pilot Testing: Over 240 institutions have tested the LEAP approach, providing valuable insights from a practitioner’s perspective.
  4. Flexibility: LEAP is adaptable, allowing organizations to use its components in a manner that best suits their specific needs and requirements.
  • Locate

    your interface with nature: Understand where your organization interacts with the natural world.

  • Evaluate

    your dependencies and impacts on nature: Analyze how your organization relies on nature and the effects it has on the environment.

  • Assess

    your nature-related risks and opportunities: Identify potential challenges and benefits related to nature.

  • Prepare

    to respond to, and report on, material nature-related issues: Align your findings with the TNFD’s recommended disclosures.

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