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Map Nature-related Data in Your Portfolio

Build a Nature Data Foundation

Leverage the power of AI to locate, evaluate, and assess nature-related impacts and dependencies in your portfolio companies and their supply chains.

Inform Investment Decisions

Integrate risks and opportunities that arise from nature-related issues as factors into decisions about capital allocation and make sustainable investments.


Biodiversity Enhancement

How it works

Integrate nature-related issues into investment decisions, offering both environmental and financial returns. Comply with reporting standards.

  • 1

    Portfolio Mapping: Get an overview of your portfolio companies’ nature-related issues globally.

  • 2

    Data Gap Identification: See where currently available data sources on nature impact have their limits. Know what you don’t know.

  • 3

    Collaborate with Portfolio Companies: Contact your portfolio companies with targeted data requests to complete the picture.

  • 4

    Disclose your contributions: Prove your institution’s environmental footprint reduction under TNFD’s LEAP reporting guideline and thrive as a pioneer of the nature-positive transformation.

  • 5

    Make nature-positive investments: Translate nature-related issues into financial risks and opportunities and integrate them into your investment decisions.

For Food, Finance and beyond

In the rapidly evolving landscape of nature-positive finance, Verdant stands out as the premier choice for data acquisition. Here’s why:

  1. Anticipating Regulatory Changes: As global awareness about environmental degradation grows, industries are bracing for stricter regulations. Verdant’s nature data orchestration solutions are designed not just to meet, but to exceed current standards such as TNFD, SBTN, GRI or CSRD.
  2. Actionable Impact: Verdant goes beyond mere promises. Our approach delivers tangible, measurable results. We provide asset managers with clear metrics and data-driven insights, allowing them to see the direct impact of their investments. This transparency ensures that every Euro invested translates to real-world positive change, enhancing both ecological health and brand reputation.
  3. Holistic Approach: Verdant understands that nature and biodiversity is a complex web. Our solutions are not just about planting trees or conserving a single species. We take a holistic view, ensuring that business thrive in collaboration with nature and entire ecosystems are rejuvenated. This comprehensive approach ensures that portfolio companies contribute to a sustainable and balanced environment, enhancing the quality and sustainability of their raw materials in the process.