Support Biodiversity MRV with AI

Detect, monitor, and classify diverse flora & fauna species seamlessly

At Verdant, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to protect and restore our planet’s biodiversity. Our mission is to provide innovative AI solutions that empower organizations to make data-driven decisions in their natura-actions efforts.


Accuracy ( V 0.1)

Transitioning from manual efforts to AI-driven solutions, projects using the verdant detection models can achieve an 80% potential cost saving in their animal detection processes. We envision a future for an enhanced detection & monitoring model, that is able to detect mammal individuals and able to follow their movements

  • AI-Powered Species Count:  Our solution utilizes phone videos and camera traps to accurately count mammals in their natural habitat.

  • Species Classification: In combination with location data, our deep-learning solution can combine over 20,000 datasets on distinct plant and animal species from eg Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

  • Species Prediction: By using geospatial data patterns and historical data we can turn complex challenges into actionable insights.

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Precision Tracking with Pattern Recognition

By combining precise location-based information with our advanced detection algorithms, users can not only identify species and individuals but also pinpoint their exact geographical locations. This fusion of data provides a comprehensive view of biodiversity distribution, enabling conservationists, researchers, and organizations to monitor habitat preferences, migration patterns, and potential environmental impacts on specific species on a GEO AI level.

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